“YouTube Is The Best Thing To Happen To Magic”

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David Rowyn tapped out an interesting essay about the role of YouTube in today’s magic society. Namely, he’s a fan. Or more specifically, he for one welcomes the gradual eventuality of exposed secrets which has been a creeping trend since the first book filled with magic secrets was published hundreds of years ago.

Whether it’s personal privacy, corporate insider information, government secrets, or magic tricks, it is all being revealed more than ever. I’m not equating all of those, but they all fit with the idea of an Age of Revelation, and contribute to the general zeitgeist. Should it be surprising when someone looks up the secret you just refused to tell them? In their mind, how dare you withhold something like a secret to a magic trick? After all, they have been freely given the secrets to world governments daily (Wikileaks), and you won’t tell them how the card got to the top? This is the new entitlement.

Although he doesn’t tread much into the realm of the financial impact of YouTube exposure, as nebulous as that might be to pin down, Rowyn makes a very good point. However, he does not address one subtlety to our taste.

There is a word for laypeople who care about method: magician. Or to be slightly less glib, magic enthusiast. We genuinely question just how many uninterested laypeople are in any way effected by YouTube exposure. For our money, someone who takes the effort to find out the secret is a different class of spectator.

Thanks to Brian Brushwood for posting this on his Twitter.

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