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  1. Аркадий Скайуокер says:

    But the final part is tricky is not it? What if the person chooses card on the side? You still throw it away and continue with picking?

  2. Kevin Hall says:

    As a U.S. Sailor, took a couple hundred dollars from Marines that were on my ship in the mid 80's with a variation of this trick. Had my life threatened once… I guess I feel a little guilty,,, But just a little…

  3. Daniel Fess says:

    Cute little trick and nice presentation but there's no mathematical content here. When I was trying to figure it out I thought modulo 3 but it doesn't get you anywhere, it's better to just count explicitly.

  4. wongwanchap says:

    Shouldn't it be 27 card trick. Base three with three digit can represent 3^3 = 27 cards, why the trick stop at 21 card while it can be involve 27 cards at max?

  5. Roland Lee says:

    Oldest trick there is and this is beginner mode.. You can put the card in any position you like, such as you can ask them for their lucky number and use that for the location. Far more impressive.

  6. Mexie Mex says:

    Not sure if it's because of, or in spite of, me being both a mathematician and a magician, but I HATE mathematical magic tricks. (and I have to say that was also one of the worst examples of equivoque I've ever seen in a trick LOL)

  7. Stephen Halliwell says:

    I learnt this as a kid with 16 cards. 4 rows of 4 and then you only need to do it twice to locate the card

  8. Kevin Day says:

    My favorite way to do this trick is to poke the 2 cards sandwiching their card out the bottom of the deck, ask them if it's one of the 2 visible, and when they say no, hit the bottom of the deck on the table and it pokes their card up out the top.

  9. sailcat9 says:

    Excellent video. I would really like to see a video on the truly mindblowing NP vs. P problem and its profound implications. Thanks again and well done!

  10. Rick Morrow says:

    My father showed me this one when I was a kid. He did not do the seven piles of three at the end, so that was a nice touch.

  11. Jürgen Hans says:

    Only at the end when it was mentioned that the drawings are a special numberphile set I recognozed the faces. Well done.

  12. JB King says:

    I had a math question how do you take the derivative and intergal of a function with a factorial such as (x-1)!=y

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