3 Cards: Amazing Simple Card Trick Revealed!

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  1. Thomas Thibeault says:

    Well executed. I appreciate the detail in the explanation. You did exactly what was needed for anyone who's willing to pay attention to the details and practice to do this trick right.

  2. yahya arbab says:

    At first mind blows then you know the trick looks obvious thats why magicians never share secrets that ruins the fun.

  3. Anto Gaming says:

    I've purchased a bicycle card pack, just like yours, blue and i didn't get any blank/white Cards. How did you get them?

  4. Dominick Cabal says:

    Learn the Rumba Count and lose the Frustration Count. Learn how to do a decent Double Turnover. The one you do is too contrived. No one turns a card over like that!

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