3 INSANE CLOSE UP TRICKS REVEALED That LOOK REAL! Magic with Cards, Rings, Chains and Phones!

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  1. april morris says:

    Hey sir! My kids saw you yesterday in Bandera…I was working a booth and didn't have time to shop. They loved the magic tricks and want to order from You! Where would we be able to do that? Thanks and GOD Bless

  2. Michael Fakelastname says:

    Pretty nice tricks. For more subscribers I'd suggest cutting out the weird/cheesy transitions and all the eyebrow movement along with the close-ups on your face. And the "magic" opening of the hand is way too often in my opinion. I see what you're going for but I don't think it's coming off the way you want it to, it's way too cheesy. Also not a fan of the hat. Finally, just talk normal to the your viewers; like you would a coworker in real life. Because the people watching aren't typical audience members, they're here because they want to be the performer. So they don't buy into all that cheesiness. But I'm just some nobody who is being honest and trying to give constructive criticism. But to each their own. Your tricks were great, your channel has potential. Good luck with everything. I subscribed.

  3. Joshua De Los Santos says:

    These tricks were so awesome! You are very brilliant indeed! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. JosePablo SolisJr says:

    I saw u today I was the kid/boy you said could try the magic book I wore a pink shirt

  5. Kyle Leon says:

    That first trick is pretty much Larry Jennings Close-up Illusion. Except that flap isn't as good as the original slit.

  6. Ernest Rodriguez says:

    really cool… I showed my kids a card trick at the flea market today … thank you for making my kids smile… I subscribed

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