4 ACE Magic Card Trick Switch YOU CAN DO! REVEALED!

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  1. Stef Stef says:

    What I really like about you is that your videos are as informative and lengthy as required. They don't get OVERLY lengthy like others, in which case I just lose interest and don't even care to watch how the trick is performed. A big thumbs up from me

  2. Han Myohset says:

    May be the kind of cards is speaking. Coz, everytime I try dropping ace cards, all my cards fall out 🙁


    I almost mastered it… just got to bend a few times to pick up other stacks of cards.. but thank!
    These tricks fool my 8&10yr old.

  4. saurav tthakur says:

    I don't undeestand first trick,trick, how to mix small pack in big pack but it's great trick please reply me fast

  5. Thongbang Chang says:

    I want that card. hopefully its an awesome magic trick thankyou for making such an awesome magic trick videos. It really helps me alot…May God bless you

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