6 Close-Up Magic Tricks in 90 Seconds | Mashable

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  1. The LimeBox says:

    I say these guys live at the illusionists and then saw them eating casually in a food hall nearby. :D

  2. John Lovethatmagic says:

    They really shouldn't have used these 2 too sell the Illusionists show – Trust me the show is far better than the likes of these 2 put together – I thought rule one of selling a magic show was to use magicians that do close up magic……not an escapologist (which are fabulous in their own context) and a 'futurologiist…?' i.e a guy who does magic with technology that looks mighty impressive on stage….. when product value is thrown at it

  3. flat moe says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey , i subscribed to this channel only for Elliott Morgan , so bring him back >:(

  4. Benjamin Tirone Nunes says:

    That first one was way too obvious, one saw the cards in the hand before it reached at the mouth.

  5. Mathieu Riesling says:

    I think we are so focused on thinking at magic is fake that its no longer really that interesting. You guys did a good job I will say that.

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