Amazing David Copperfield Close Up Magic- Ring on the Hourglass 2017

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  1. Bill Page says:

    cool i saw ken hedrick and his family at farm fresh aarounbd 12 noon today i said hi everyone:) as i was walking out the farm fresh door

  2. BroskyWhoDatedHoski BroskyWhoDatedHoski says:

    always was curious how this was done from what i can tell.always was suspicious of a table that big. but no idea how it works. unless there is a switch with the hourglass. can't imagine him breaking a prop every show.

  3. Bill Page says:

    hey cardinimagician you and everyone can make copies of my youtube video channel i care to share for free like Jesus gave his life Freely on the Cross to give the plan of Salvationi have all doug hennings all david copperfield magic televsion specials including the tv comercials that aired with those illusion specials events as copperfield cals them ps i have alot of illuson magic televsion specials even the sig frig and roy super stars of magic eru disney magic special william shatner bill bixie in search of houdini champins of magic in monico on ABC houdini unlocking his secrets on NBC CBS melinda the forst lady of magic the magic of ABC staring david copperfield cbs the magic of david copperfield the pendragons lewiss tannens magic shop abbots magic shop osh by ghosh magic shop penquin magic shop magic&more magic shop in norfolk virgina and ocean viewi like all aspectas of the illusion brain stormin conceots science ideas arts from close up to theathere drama stage illusions even out side megga large scale illusions day time noon time night time moring time ideas close up parlor and stage theathere ideas ps doug henning saved illusion magic and copperfield perserved the illusion magic now i need copperfield televsion comercials for target store comercials and bush gardens williamburg virgina and all chrysler hall in norfolks copperfield televsion comercialsits called rizer card illusion ususing rubber cement based on orginal version with differnt sizes note book or not pads that copperfield made it well known that every illusionist wants to perform it even the rizer card illusion with out the note book or based on Sankeymagic sign card through balloon and criss angel and jarek2.0 at howtoDisturbReality in water to be invisbible in water and all you have now in your hand is person sign card clear industeral plate glass used to walk on water rivers car comericasl chrispher reev bad folks walking on water andre kole Christian illusionist invented and gave to 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no matter the qualtity of videos had wide mode but trolls force a card and google fell for it hook line and singer then they put side black bars to classic tv shows and movies like doug henning and david copperfield they rick rolled even justin bieber no offense but they are probley laughing on the floor all the way to the bank saying there tv set so good quaility that it like the jetson tv set they can see and feel and touch there football game in the living room they did that in all kinds of comments on youtube videos they ened up destrying youtube as we knew it so now thats why there black side bars on the right side and far left side cutting off all video footage also the centers move you find out when you get a erno rubiks cube called a face cube plus if pieaces fall out or friends move pieace around or take stickers off move them around before its mixed then they mix it then either some or parts will be solved but its good they did all that Jesus used them as a tool for me to let everyone know once youtube is born that the erno rubiks cube or any puzzzle before its mixed and its still in it solved state then if you put a pice in wrong a corner or middle extc or both then if you know witch ones they are then all will be solved excpte those very middle or corner onced it mixed and you try to solve erno rubiks cube but if you dont know then it will be a difernt corner or middle or both not solved once its mixed then get it back to its orginal sovled stage again so all solved but a differnt middle and corner or both so you gota take those pieaces turn them the right way put them in and rubiks cube back to normal thanks keith LaRanch jR God Bless everyone inChrist always chubby billpage illusionist magician in fun:) same bat time same bat channel andre kole Christian illusionist ps this sunday starts are cool good newsbaptist church strwam live video recodering at look under media its the top info the secound info is audio sermonds other id photo to make into slide 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