Angel Talks Believe Transition In Glowing Radio Interview

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We’ve read a lot about the transition of Believe from it’s open until today from sources other than Criss Angel but in this interview with Alex Belfield of Celebrity we hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Belfield himself is a huge fan of the show, writing the following alongside his audio interview:

Criss Angel is the magician of the century in Belfield’s book!

His high energy, fun, fast paced, beautifully crafted show takes Sin City by storm 10 times a week at Luxor. Criss has reinventing the craft taking it to a new level for 2011.

Criss has dedicated his life to magic, and you can tell! The speed of the illusions are breathtaking, his timing is second to none! This is a man who was born to conjure! There’s massive illusions, mind reading and comedy involving the entire audience throughout.

There’s birds, flying, motorbikes, levitation and a gorgeous assistant cut in half! It’s got the heart and passion of ‘Old Vegas’ whilst being as cool and contempory as humanly possible for 2011.

It’s Brit vs. Brit in dueling CA reviews! Who controls the Union Jack? You decide.

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