BBC History of Magic – Close-Up Magic (Full Video)

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  1. Mark Rosete says:

    magic is amazing, but always remember GOD IS GREAT…..most powerful than magic.there's no impossible to him.

  2. Mark Rosete says:

    great! magic is an art, but that;s not real. it's called optical illusion. i'm mark , i'm a magician in the Philippines.

  3. Conhan D. says:

    YouTube has really become the enemy of magicians! Repeat any trick just a few times, freeze the frames as much as you need, and voila! You've got the trick. Just try this with the "world's fastest card trick" at 19:03, even if you didn't know that one, it quickly becomes very obvious how it's done… Now all that remains to do is practise for 30 years.

  4. Kevin Thomas says:

    All magicians pervert the judgement of the fatherless, the widow, the stranger, and just everyone else too. I hate magicians even though I like to watch them to relieve tedium and alleviate boredom. I am never left amazed by what they do, just curious.

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