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  1. Jessica Leonard says:

    Bro i was so confused cause it was 10:00 at night and im sitting on my bed watching this video for a GOOD 5 HOURS and im beYOND confused. my mom comes up and asks what am i doing up? so i show her the video and she starts craking up cause i told her i didnt know how to do it. then she TAKES the deck of cards im holding and does it first try. like BRO. IM THE MAGICIAN GET OUTA HERE! XD i am confusion.

  2. Potter Head says:

    Ummmmm you didn’t explain how you did anything in the taturial and and sooooo that wasn’t helpful much

  3. Johanne Borja says:

    While I was practicing the card trick, I got the same card as yours, the 10 of diamonds

  4. Lourenço Serra says:

    fodasse és burro? estás a fazer este truque para iniciantes mas tu fálo tão rápido que parece que tens de ir apanhar o comboio!
    sou alentejano fasso as cenas com calma !!



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