BEST Magic Show in the world – BEST Magician America’s Got Talent

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  1. Ryan Lombard says:

    I know how he did the 5 of clubs trick!! You could see that the card on the paper was drawn after the box of the cards was. He used one hand to write 5 of clubs after he was told what the card was. He was writing the card when he had it up to his chest. What's crazy is that he used another piece of paper to cover up the 5 of clubs. And then he started to move the paper away as he was revealing the card.

  2. Well Made Bread says:

    The first one wasn't that impressive, it used a lot of basic technices and forces


    At 10:52 "smash the bottle" but actually holding it so tight preventing Simon to do it, then took the paper bag where the pre-drawn images were attached inside. Take note that the envelope is bigger (not a little rolled as shown) and could not fit in the bottle. A golden buzzer for fooling the judges, ha ha ha!

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