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  1. Enigma Seeker says:

    3:52 Thats either a fucking poltergeist aka Desmond = Demon? or someone shot it from above. But as someone who's personally seen some poltergeist activity and studies the supernatural on my channel, I would lean on this just being a fucking poltergeist taking advantage of this guy. With most magicians it starts out with just simple selective attention tricks but then they move on to real occult rituals to manifest a demonic spirit who are more than happy to put on a show. For human are like insects drawn to the light. This guy i'm sure spends a lot of time researching real case files of magic. Science can't study it because it hides itself in the context of entertainment. It is confined to that space. This guy is going to have some issue when he dies. I pray God protects him. There comes a point when a magician knows it supernatural or demonic but they don't care anymore. It becomes a drug.

  2. Crimson says:

    I remember the first one, he passed, but then nothing. I didn't watch it on tv because I'm not British, but there's episodes online.Semifinals/finals he wasn't there. Does anyone knows more about it?

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