Card Magic


  • Learning guides you from Beginner to Expert skill level
  • Perfect for children or adults
  • Learn easy, foolproof tricks in minutes
  • Color selections of cards and pads may vary
  • Taught by Card Expert Simon Lovell
6 Volume Set - 170 Magic Tricks! Includes Bicycle Playing Cards and Professional Quality Close-Up Pad with Bonus on line tricks.

Learn easy Card Controls, False Shuffles, Color Changes, Gambling Moves, Prediction Effects and many, many more tricks and moves for adults and kids alike.
Want to build up your card skills? The Ultimate Card Magic Kit is the most complete collection of card magic on the market. Starting with basic moves, the learning guides you from Beginner to Expert s
$ 34.99

  • Workman Publishing
Finally, here's how to do all those showy tricks and flourishes that card players are dying to know: how to send a deck cascading from one hand to the other. How to snap open two flawless fans. How to cut a deck with one hand. Choose four aces seemingly at random. Flick a card accurately across the room.

The clearest, easiest-to-follow book of step-by-step directions, The Amazing Book of Cards will show anyone how to do 52 amazing things with a deck of cards. Written by Joshua Jay, the aw
$ 9.99

  • A Complete Encyclopedia of Instructional Card Magic
  • Includes Card Tricks for All Skill Levels, From Beginner to Advanced
  • The Most Comprehensive Card Magic Course on the Market
  • 7 Volumes of Course Material with Over 120 Magic Effects Explained
  • Including Card Magic, Sleights, Controls & Flourishes
A comprehensive educational approach to learning magic. Jump-start your magical journey into complete card magic with these fourteen introductory mysteries. Volume one: Gain a strong foundation for building your own card magic routines. Card expert Gerry griffin takes you step-by-step through some amazing mysteries. Volume two: Continue your magical journey into complete card magic with these fourteen intermediate mysteries. Double your card magic repertoire with these little miracles on. Volume
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  • Lot Of 12 Decks
  • Magic Playing Cards
  • Size: 3.5" x 2.25"
  • Instructions Included
Amaze party guests with a card trick. These magic playing cards appear to be real but only you know the trick. Instructions on how to use the playing cards are on the box. Stun party guests with your magical illusions. Find jokes, tricks, and magic accessories to make your night a magical one. Keep the magic going by giving away magical party favor gifts so guests will always remember the magical time they had.
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  • Printed on Bicycle stock.
  • The Invisible Deck is a magical weapon of last resort...Why?... Because it NEVER fails!
  • Any named card can appear in an entire deck of cards.
  • On line video instruction included
  • Bicycle deck is opened, magically treated and sent to you. (You can't do the trick if we don't apply the magic to the cards first.)
Have a spectator remove a card from an imaginary deck then replace it face down in the pack. Now you remove a real pack from your pocket, spread the cards and there is one card face down. Unbelievably, it is their selected card. No forces. Any card they name will be face down in the pack.
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  • Easy to Do Card Tricks for Children
Children love card tricks, and with this book by an expert in magic and card conjuring, youngsters will be able to master a host of tricks especially designed for them.
Tricks are arranged in order of difficulty, with the simplest at the beginning of the book. Clearly written, easy-to-follow instructions and over 60 helpful diagrams take aspiring magicians through each step — from preparing and manipulating the cards to developing a line of patter (a necessary ingredient for any successful
$ 5.09

  • Everthing You Need to Get Started With Learning Card Magic Tricks!
  • Learn the Secrets to the World's Greatest Card Magic Tricks. Magic Kit Contains Four Magic Cards Decks!
  • TO SEE A VIDEO of Jim demonstrating the tricks that are shown in the kit, go to the website address shown on the bottom of the kit (jimstottmagic) and then click on Products. Watch and enjoy!
  • Jim Stott Magic Kits are only shipped and sold by Jim Stott. Buying directly from Jim Stott assures you are getting the original and authorized product complete with bonus magic, free video tutorials and 5 star customer service directly from Jim Stott.
  • Includes Welcome Letter postcard with link to Secret Website with free bonus materials and videos to supplement the kit!
Card magic is one of the oldest forms of entertainment known to man. Jim Stott's Ultimate Card Magic Kit provides everything you need in order to start entertaining friends, family, and anyone else you want to amaze and impress. Included in this kit are three specialty decks of cards, a magic card case, and a professional three card monte trick With this kit, you can learn over 225 different magic tricks with cards. With the Magic Svengali Deck, you can have a spectator select a card, have the c
$ 38.45

  • Self Working Card Tricks Book
  • All magicians need a variety of card tricks for their acts, especially the spur-of-the-moment kind that can be performed without any special sleight of hand.
  • In this outstanding collection, an expert magician presents step-by-step, foolproof instructions.
  • 65 impressive card tricks, guaranteed to work flawlessly and to impress and delight audiences.
  • Softcover. 153 pages.
What is a self-working card trick? A trick that does not depend upon legerdemain or special abilities on the part of the magician, but a trick that works automatically because of the mathematics inherent in the card deck itself. Long practice and supernormal dexterity are not needed to perform these tricks, yet they are often among the most entertaining and most spectacular of all card tricks.
Some of these sure-fire tricks are simple, a good place to begin. Others were specially adapted from
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  • 30 Secret Card Tricks On This Learning DVD
  • Card Tricks From Beginner To Intermediate Level
  • Expert Card Magician Rudy T. Hunter Shares Card Secrets
  • This In An Educational Based Approach For Learning Card Magic
  • These Tricks Can Be Used With Any Card Deck-No Special Deck Needed
Learn over 30 Secret Card Tricks on this instructional DVD with expert card magician, Rudy T. Hunter.

Rudy will perform and teach you these amazing card secrets every step of the way.
This DVD not only contains easy to learn card tricks for the beginner, but also contains tricks for the intermediate card enthusiast.

Tricks Revealed on this DVD:
New York Opener Chicago Style Instant Change
Plunger Discovery
Dave's Delight
Quick & Easy Triumph
Jackrobatics $ 7.99

Would you like to confound your friends, amaze your acquaintances, amuse and dazzle crowds at parties and gatherings? Mastering a few card tricks will allow you to do all that and more. With the help of this book, anyone can develop a versatile repertoire of first-rate card tricks. In fact, mastery of just the first chapter will enable you to perform a half-dozen astounding and entertaining sleights of hand.
The authors, both noted authorities on magic, present complete, easy-to-understand ex
$ 8.98