Card Trick So Impossible It FOOLS EVERYONE!

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  1. Tim Zhang says:

    you said put some salt 100 times. you COULD of said put some salt ONE time and people would of got it so the title sould be salt trick

  2. D H says:

    Now… just to be clear… I need salt. Does it have to be iodized salt, or can I use sea salt? Is kosher salt okay? I have a lot of Jewish friends and want to be respectful. Do I need to use Morton's salt, or does brand really not matter? What about rock salt used on icy roads in winter? Can I use salt from a salt lick? My uncle hunts and always has one in his garage. What about salt water taffy? I have a giant bag I got in my offices White Elephant gift exchange game at Christmas, and I just can't finish it. If I had some popcorn at the movies and had some left over salt in my popcorn bag, will that work? Oh… but what if the salt is flavored, like butter salt, or garlic salt? If I don't have any salt available can I substitute it with Mrs. Dash, or maybe even paprika? They'd probably be able to see paprika, but how about onion or garlic powder? They would probably smell those, but I can just say I had garlic and onions for lunch. That may work. I just want to get it right. You know, you should really be more thorough in your tutorial. and explain more about the proper salt to use so people aren't left wondering.

  3. Silvio Augusto Couto says:

    You talk too much, shuffle too much and the trick isn't even that good. You're so annoying. This is the first video I watched in your channel. And the last too.

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