Three magicians headline Taylor Martin’s monthly Indy Magic show

The longest running magic show in Indianapolis returns on the second Tuesday of July to the Indy Fringe Indy Eleven Theater. And it is a doozy. Three major stars of magic will be performing that night. Headlining will be Nathan Kranzo. Nathan’s magic is respected and taught all over the world. After you see him you will believe you can bend metal with your mind!!  Then coming to us for the first time is Michael Kent of Columbus, Ohio. Voted College Entertainer of the Year, Michael was recently on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us! with an amazing routine featuring dozens of bottles and glasses from nowhere. Taylor has persuaded him to perform the legendary “Sands of Time” for the first time on an Indy Magic stage. Then, returning after an absence of 6 years, The Gentle Giant of Magic Lion Fludd is back from Las Vegas. Having headlined his own magic show on the downtown Las Vegas stage, this great magician will make a homecoming that will not be forgotten. Plus, Taylor’s own magic and hosting will be featured and he always has a few tricks up his sleeves and in his haversacks. Plus, door prizes and surprises galore will be in abundance.

Tickets are online at and at the door. For more information: (317) 431-1320 or Check us out at, too!

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Penn & Teller cancel magic shows over back injury

Spinal-fusion surgery and a comedy-magic production are an unhappy mix.

Consequently, Penn & Teller have shut down their production show effective immediately. The duo will not be back onstage until Aug. 18. They called off their show at Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Miss., on Friday night and have pulled their shows at the Rio off the schedule, too.

The duo already had planned to take a hiatus so Teller could undergo spinal-fusion surgery, the lingering result of hanging from straitjackets and climbing in and out of boxes for more than 40 years. The original dark period was to start July 10, but Teller’s back had other ideas after P&T’s performance Wednesday at Beau Rivage.

Though in pain, Teller was able to finish the performance. But then skipped the post-show meet-and-greet for the first time in 43 years, and began making calls to alter the duo’s upcoming schedule.

Teller’s surgery is now scheduled for Monday in Las Vegas. He posted a note to fans and ticket-holders on his Twitter page Thursday:

“My sincere apologies to our fans in Biloxi and folks who were planning on seeing the Vegas show. Last night during the show my back firmly ordered me to cut the crap and get it fixed. So I’m stopping work from today till August 18th and getting my back surgery pronto. Love – T.”

In a separate post, the 70-year-old illusionist added, “In our entire prior career, I think we’ve had to cancel only four shows on short notice. So I (and much of our crew) feel disoriented and befuddled — as if we’re in one of those showbiz nightmares where you can’t find your way back to the stage in time for the next cue.”

Jillette also posted, “Teller is getting his back totally fixed a little sooner than expected. So P&T are on hiatus from everything until August 18th and then the boys will be back and bad!”

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Theme parks are already preparing for Halloween

While people around the country get ready for the Fourth of July, popular theme parks are already getting ready for the next big holiday, Halloween.

Although Halloween is still more than three months away, tickets for many theme park special events are already available, with some of the celebrations starting as early as August.

Walt Disney World in Orlando will begin celebrating Halloween while many of us are still on summer vacation with the first of several Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary Halloween Parties scheduled for Aug. 17.

The event is a limited-ticket, after hours event, meaning regular guests will be kicked out of the Magic Kingdom by 7 p.m. and only those who have purchased a ticket for the Halloween Party will be allowed to remain in the park.

The event features shows, a parade and fireworks exclusive to the party, as well as shorter lines on some of the park’s most popular rides as a result of limited crowds.

This year’s evet will feature new ride overlays on Pirates of the Caribbean and the popular teacup ride, as well as a new Disney Junior dance party for the little ones.

One of the biggest draws for Disney fans, however, might be the opportunity for meet-and-greets with rare characters who are not present on regular days in the park.

Jack Skellington, from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and all of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs are known to make appearances. Last year, Moana, who has not had a consistent presence in the parks despite the popularity of her namesake movie, made an appearance at the event with some waiting in line for more than two hours for the rare photo opportunity.

Tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party are available online, and start at $79, with prices increasing for dates closer to Halloween.

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‘Phenomenal’ kid magician wows in Durham

DURHAM — Even with a broken finger, kid magician Phoenix Phenomenal performed sleight of hand and card tricks to perfection at a packed AMVETS hall Sunday evening.  He took traditional card tricks and made them fun with his quirky humor, bringing in props and volunteers to pick cards, and he managed to surprise the audience with the correct card every time.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” he said at the start of a trick. “But my mom got me this glass card from a voodoo shop in New Orleans.”

He shows everyone the card and asks an audience member for some assistance.

From a regular deck of playing cards, he asks her to pick a card, memorize it, and put it back in the deck.

The woman put the card back in the deck and Phoenix shuffled them up. He spread the deck on the table and handed the voodoo card to the woman, asking her to roll it over the playing cards.

She did until it got stuck on one section. The card it landed on? The one she picked at the beginning.

“Ooh, ghosts,” he said.

Maine-born Phoenix, 12, a resident of northern Nevada, is a member of the Society of American Magicians and the High Sierra Magic Circle.

He puts on a monthly full-length show in Reno and gives private performances all across the U.S. He has been practicing his craft for over four years and performing on stage even longer.

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European magician Joe Labero talks INFERNO: The Fire Spectacular Special

Las Vegas – Master magician Joe Labero chatted with Digital Journal about being in the production “INFERNO: The Fire Spectacular” in Las Vegas. He also discussed the digital transformation of the live magic performance.

INFERNO: The Fire Spectacular is a production that features Labero alongside London’s hottest fire group, The Fuel Girls. On June 17, they just celebrated their 100th performance at the Paris Theater at the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino. “That was great. Time flies,” he admitted. “It was very exciting, and I am very happy. The Fuels Girls are very professional in their fire skills and expertise. It was a great match, and we had a good concept. It is a spectacle-based show. That’s for sure.”

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