Chris Pratt Knows The Best Card Trick Ever – The Graham Norton Show

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  1. XboxParadox says:

    I wasn’t even paying attention to the card trick I was just staring at Jennifer Lawrence’s tits

  2. Taro Chamberlain says:

    all he does is slap the cards out of his hand and put the ace there. still a good trick tho

  3. Angel Gonzalez says:

    I love Chris Patt yeah he is great in the gardiuon of the Galaxy and infinity wat but I love him in parks in recreation

  4. Emiliano Pedraza says:

    I do love Chris Pratt getting al these big hero action roles, but this is Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt is Andy Dwyer a 100%.

  5. User says says:

    honestly since the first time i saw parks and rec I never expected Pratt to shoot up stardom like this before. Hollywood is a cruel bitch where many truly talented individuals never make it, glad this guy made it.

  6. Undertale Sans says:

    i know the magic trick

    its all about the start when chris said this is a normal deck he look all through it and after you look through it you have to remember the top three cards

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