CHRIS_STEVENSON British Close up Magic Champion 2012

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  1. Peter S. says:

    That is really amazing! Well done :) … whats a little bit sucks, it that the (charisma free) guy- visitor looks so bored. Why can not he he even lough and smile?!
    But so excellent magic performance and sympathic girl assistant as well ;)

  2. arshad rana says:

    very good, but would have looked even better if the mess on the table was quickly cleared up before the multiple card revalations.Enjoyed it

  3. Mattiello Entertainment says:

    His lecture in leeds gunna be great, looking forward to it! Nice moves chris! Great magic and comedy

  4. Andy Smith says:

    This chap runs our local in Whissendine, Rutland – after a couple on a Friday night, he joins in with the punters regularly. After a couple on a Friday night it takes a bit of keeping up with – amazing !

  5. ivjdivfjalekvvjp says:

    Such an amazing classic force. I'm fairly accurate with mine — probably get it about 75% of the time — but yours looks so incredibly natural. Really great

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