Close-up card magic with a twist | Lennart Green

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  1. Ferdo says:

    I used to do the turning over the hand trick without turning the wrist back in 4th grade
    I thought I came up with it but apparently this has been around for ages.

  2. oolon colluphid says:

    Wonderful performance, great gimmick with the "absent-minded professor" angle. BUT… how many times can you reach into your lap, dude? Yes, he is fast as lightning, but every time he puts his hands below the table (which are MANY)… well…

  3. ms&mrreckoning says:

    I'm an awakened being in his timeline and what he says is true the right brain is cosmic knowledge

    Lose ur leg brain of logic and the universe will give u synchronicities of bliss and love u won't need to understand thru logic

  4. Joe Days says:

    OMG! I can't believe that blonde girl in this video was killed. Hey name is Joe Anderson. Her dad is Chris Anderson. The curator of these Ted talks. Google it. So sad at such young age.

  5. Parth G says:

    I personally think that the overhead camera may have been revealing a bit too much to the audience by showing past the edge of the desk and revealing what he was doing on his lap etc, because when he asked if the camera was getting too much a lot of them said "yes". Also notice that they don't show the overhead view in this edit until AFTER he asks that question (at which point I assume someone fixed the camera). A lot of the tricks that should have absolutely floored the audience failed to do so before that point, and that could of course be due to a crap audience, but it could also be because they were seeing more than they should have been

  6. Ryan Senquiz says:

    I remember seeing this man at a very young age one of of the magic specials that used to air in the mid 90s, I was blown away


    i can see elaments of the Tommy Cooper style in this at certain points – like when he kept dropping the cards around the table making it look like he had gone wrong

  8. David Byrne says:

    Last trick with his face covered wasn't very hard to understand. Comment if you wish to learn how it was done :p

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