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  1. The Whinja Ninja says:

    Between yourself and SankeyMagic you do not need to go anywhere else. 2 incredibly talented people.

  2. Michael Kisyanto says:

    I try this pinky movement… but still cannot move the card.. maybe just for talented people.. I want to buy the video.. but i think this trick just for talented people.. i try many times, the card cannot move like the video..

  3. MachiNe says:

    Alex Pandrea taught this, save yourself from losing your IQ and learn it from him or learn it from the original source from “By Forces Unseen”

  4. Pen Boy says:

    Hello, I've watched all of your vids and i loved that. I hope that I could have a card deck of TheRussianGenius, That would be an honor
    Always love you <3

  5. Anonimus says:

    Estaba intentando un movimiento similar, pero no me convencía. Hoy me aparece el video como recomendado.


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