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  1. Colin Handy says:

    Honestly I love seeing how much a simple doublelift blows people away every time. Good job dude.

  2. Cody Allen says:

    Dude you're killing it. I did tonight for the first time my first successful "dan white Scarlett Johansson" kissing trick tonight. A high nothing else can touch. I saw it on the tonight show and I know it cause of you. Powerful magic and bringing it to the people who truly want to learn. Been supporting since 5K subs and continually will support throughout your YouTube journey. Best of wishes from southern US.

  3. Jordan Lohmeyer says:

    is that mind reading trick a force or are you really reading his "tells"? pretty impressive if you ask me.

  4. rotta 123 says:

    Hey dude. I would like to know how long have u been doing magic tricks coz ur double lift etc are flawless

  5. Cameron Morgan says:

    I really liked this, By the way could you do a tutorial on the trick where the ace is in the bag and then it changes to their card, that would be awesome!

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