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  1. Ron Evans says:

    Awesome stuff man! Can you do tutorial on the trick where the signature gets transferred on the back of the cards and or the stick man one. Great performance.

  2. Tommy240 says:

    My favorite is when you do the “did you see it jump to my mouth” because you do that trick so smoothly and if you don’t watch these videos you’ll never know what’s coming

  3. Jon Japanda says:

    Yeo that nail trick is fuckin crazy! And the disappearing deck trick is really really lookin like its getting some really great reactions, keep up the good work man!

  4. C White says:

    You should try Stigmata by Wayne Houchin.. it gets crazy reactions.
    I love your videos… Very inspiring.

  5. careless says:

    nice video.
    Magic with random people is awesome, i saw a little thing i think you got from matthew furman!
    He is amazing too.

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