Dan Trommater Magic Castle Closeup 2015 for Dean Dill

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  1. SuperBlazeomatic says:

    One of my favorite things about magic and being a fan is the love and respect that generations of magicians have for the others who influenced them and watching them pay tribute in their performances and acts. Whether I'm at a show or just watching stuff on youtube I'm constantly amazed by the skill/dedication it takes to the craft. This was terrific Dan thanks for sharing!

  2. M.RileyJunior says:

    Only part I cant figure out i show the dice got in the box when there was a full deck in there to begin with

  3. Allan Frasheri says:

    Watching videos from the magic castle reignited my interest in magic. I'm looking up many magic tricks online to help me follow this interest. I also think I know how this trick is done but I'm not sure. Anyway it was a great trick.

  4. MP says:

    I'm just getting started in magic, and I'm so glad there's so much good stuff online, especially YouTube. Thanks so much for posting this, I'm getting a real education from watching all these legendary performers. This one's a truly magical 18 minutes and 53 seconds!

  5. Nicholas Vollmann says:

    I am rewatching this video with a critical eye, to strengthen my own understanding of performing.

  6. derek johnston says:

    Greetings from Victoria BC,

    Mr Dan, loved your Act!

    Beautiful scripting, pace was perfect, well done sir, bravo!

  7. Giovanni S. says:

    Very beautiful performance! You're a great magician, and I can't even begin to imagine Dean's capabilities! My girlfriend and I enjoyed it deeply. keep on the good work!

  8. Sin says:

    I wish I saw more than just a hand, when he made the last coin move through the table… the girl on the right's face was priceless though.

  9. AceofSpades01 says:

    You could pass an elephant through that table and I would never notice, I was gazing at that black-dressed girl the whole time….damn

    OT great performance.

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