David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

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  1. Wodz30 says:

    I wonder how many of these comments are from humans aged 15 and younger. I am going to presume that MOST are from children. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation

  2. TheLegend27 says:

    5:41 he added 3 more cards but one facing down already so the guy who proved it thought he counted all while there were 3 more unturned ones beneath the 10th one. ;)

  3. Tim Stryker says:

    For anyone interested in how the frog in the glass trick was really done, here it is. If you wanna continue to believe in magic & illusion, then dont read on. For the rest, a quick reminder that OF COURSE, magic isnt really real……. Its based on slight of hand, misdirection & illusions, etc… For those that are able to keep that in mind, then one must ask themselves, what is the most common-sense, logical, real-world explanation for what they just saw? Wont bother explaining, how he didnt go hardcore & didnt have the frog in his stomach the entire time & didnt just regurgitate it at will. That just didnt happen,.. cuz science mostly. And theres just a far simpler explanation…

    At 9:47 as he starts to tilt the glass back, into his mouth, you can very clearly start to see.. the shape & form of the frog itself, come into focus. Directly above his thumb, resting alongside, the side of the tilted glass. Along with the overall shape, relative size & even the black spots. The frog was in that glass the entire time. Think about it… doesnt that seem to be the most logical, probable answer anyway? In other words, its a trick glass; a prop. Which most people already know most magicians use all the time in their acts. They are specially made props / devices, especially made, for people in the business.

    I will say I dont know, nor care to know, exactly how the glass is made, or what of. No doubt the glass was constructed in a way, to whre it has something to do with light refraction & /or the bending of the surrounding light inside the glass, to help hide & mask the frog within it, to begin with. In this case, it failed. Due to stage lighting, & /or bad timing & or holding the glass incorrectly, etc.

  4. Austin Craig says:

    I understand how he does most of the tricks. The only one I dont understand is the 1st one. How did he know which card Jimmy was thinking of? Psychology/body language? Jimmy never said the card. He kept it in his mind the whole time

    If it is psycho analysis, that's pretty ballsy for TV

  5. Srijan Rudra says:

    This is cooked up. At least Jimmy is in on the trick. How can David name what card Jimmy is thinking without him saying it first! At 7:43 Jimmy whispers 4 into Quest's ears.

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