Eric Jones: Master Close-up Magician Steps Through Real GLASS!! America’s Got Talent 2017

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  1. matteo galli says:

    Non è la stessa carta. Le firme sono fatte in maniera differente.. evidentemente erano già d'accordo

  2. Frequency of mind says:

    here is the explanation for steping trough the glas:
    those two metal "holders" in the middle of the glas are there to hold curtain with magnets so that he can bend down trough hole which is under the glas :) pls subscribe to my channel

  3. Johnnidel Guirit says:

    The signature of howie was different, the first signature was slunting, and the magician reveal a vertical signature of howie, that was not good… its obviously cheated… ✌✌✌

  4. Watchout VEVO says:

    Look at :48 sec. and 3:18. You can plainly see there are (2) different cards by where his signature is. How did this guy get on the show? Not by talent. Must be a friend of somebody.

  5. morphmann says:

    First there was two tokkens one on top and one at bottom, you can see the way he held his hand at the bottom.
    You can see him take the card out of his pocket at the big glass and place it against the glass at one point, the signature is not even the real one, thats why he drew a line on the card thinking the Howie would sighn on the line, check out the signatures. Howies one is skew and crosses the line but at the end of the trick its straight with the line, he forged Howies signature.
    This guys not that good!! but, hey his still on so there must be something there!!1

  6. Mark Sanchez says:

    Pause and pkay at 2:45 there is a gap between the and then when he switched his hands you can see the card between the gap, it covered the gap

  7. World War Heroes says:

    If you watch this video at 0.25 speed you will see how all the tricks were performed

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