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  1. ARTKID198 - SavageArtFamily says:

    Well done! I picked a different card but you done the trick better than I would have done it ;)

  2. eogg25 says:

    bobby,how do you think he learned the card trick, or any of the tricks, you are taught by someone or you get the info from books. someone revealed the trick.

  3. paulhalfpint says:

    Great trick, and so obvious when you show how it is done. I must give this one a go. not even I could mess this one up :)

  4. LordRedIens says:

    You're right.But revealing on youtube is mainly for those who just want to be able to say: I know how it is done, or poorly perform tricks giving away the secret,with no intention to improve.
    If you want to learn make yourself a gift:Card college 1&2. Start with them continue with 3&4, then most of th trick you will see you will be able to reconstruct them. More and more you discover more you will learn. even lame tutorial (this one isn't so bad) you will take a greater advantage

  5. Flow Inad says:

    @LordRedIens But if noone reveals the secret, then, there will don't exist magic anymore. He was a magician. Now he's revealing the secrets for other people who wants to become magicians. Like me.

  6. LordRedIens says:

    This is so sad… Giving away secret ruining, card magic world. Spectator loose their sense of awe, and magician their chance to entertain…

  7. Carrie Rostollan says:

    Shame on you for exposing this trick for free on the Internet. It was invented by Nick Trost, so let's make sure that was on the record.

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