INSANE CLOSE UP MAGIC! | Funny Reactions

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  1. Marinko Oluić says:

    Man you are doing this well and nice but. Dont show the best effects and then keep going because they are not that very reacting. Kida looked like that you did to much magic for them. I have a feeling that you was boring to them and not interesting after some time. Try doing it to more persons :) overall nice vid bud

  2. Carlos V-Y says:

    Very skilled and confident. I wish I could be confident. I'm skilled but I have been broken down by many rude jerks in the world. I am happy that everything worked great for you. Keep it up!

  3. St Kaleb says:

    lol almost all the tricks were double lift XD great showmanship tho and pretty funny reactions

  4. Christian Paul De Torres says:

    Nice tricks… got fast hands ahaha… I can't do it coz I'm not fast enough

  5. TheSilentʕ ·ᴥ·ʔBear says:

    I slow down the video and still don't know what the heck you just did. You have real talent dude.

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