James Brown – Close-up Magician of the Year

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  1. Oates of Bournemouth Bournemouth says:

    James appeared at my wife's birthday. He was the best value since sliced bread. My whole family had the most exciting  time with him.

  2. John Anderson says:

    You are incredible well done on achieving such mastery – and so young. Imagine, 1000s of hours off hard work went into it

  3. Srehat Kumar says:

    cant say say word… every single time I watch this video again its give same fresh strong joy.. :)

  4. Samuel Hodges says:

    I love his use of the card box  utility. Just beautifully improvised in the routine. James Brown, you're the man!

  5. miKe says:

    So glad I found this video, absolutely brilliant and for me a new name (how the hell did you pass under the radar?).

  6. Aaron Walderslade says:

    like the flow of constant surprises, it seems to have a special kind of momentum, that you normally only see with heavily staged and planned acts. can I ask who are your inspirations?

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