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  1. Nigel Smith says:

    It's simple, there are two lighters and the second he had in his right hand which he covertly put back in his right pants pocket when Jeanies attention was on the second lighter, Incidently he did burn his left thumb.

  2. Joshua Wijnands says:

    the stick trick is simple.. its black on one side and red on the other, if you watch closely, he never shows the other sides, he turns the stick with his hand so it looks like he s turning it so show all the sides but its actually the same side

  3. Alice J. says:

    This last trick was so easy I can't believe a good magician like him would do something so for begginers.

  4. Chin-san says:

    the flash drive trick, one with black on both side and the other one with red and black on each side, observe the way he turns and shows the flash drives, just like with the lighter, that's the secret of the trick.

  5. Matthias Tan says:

    I love how magicians hold things a certain way, it's how you know that the item they're holding isn't all that it seems to be

  6. Shaun Sawyer says:

    This guy is great. Love the balloon trick he did on scam school. These tricks are lower difficulty but he does them very well.. although I think he burnt his finger a bit on the lighter trick. Occupational hazard I guess :P

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