Karl Bastian Family Fun Nite Magic Show

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  1. Bill Page says:

    cool illusions like doug henning johnny carson and cool Jewish Christian illusionist david seth kotkin copperfield

  2. Kendall Sain says:

    Your show was awesome and entertaining. It didn't personally bother me that you kept talking about God and the bible, but some parents might think you're trying to brainwash their kids with false information. I know that if I were at that performance as a kid my parents would have probably taken me out of there.

  3. bRad Nichols says:

    Praise Yaohushua who was known as Jesus, the MAN who walked planet Earth right at about 2,016 years ago .
    Aisle of Magic ! ! !

  4. Sydney Magician Marcus Luc - Magician for Hire says:

    Loved the show Karl, very humerus. Keep up the good work!
    Yours Magically,
    Sydney Magician Marcus Luc

  5. 92nesquik says:

    I am a Christian and I am a magician. Thank you for this show. I realized that showing tricks can talk about Christ. And it will be understood by children. God bless you.

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