MAGIC!! Close-Up Magician Will Tsai Blows Judges Away On America’s Got Talent 2017 Season 12

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  1. jess jesse says:

    3: did you always belief what others type write selling? Coin are hide in his fingerdrop down seeing 2 coins on table ! Pick up thumb coins under cards. Seeing 1 coins on table ! Truee seekers?

  2. jess jesse says:

    2: your pincards = is also magnetic ! That why heat up your pincard in your pant blocked activation if you put pin pincardpay stuff! Easy sumGuys ! Read more lazy guys! Or stay stooooopeth? Ask share trueseekers?

  3. jess jesse says:

    1: are holes in the black underground ! Push coins in these holes! Cards is magnetic coils to push coils up! Logically sumDude? Right guys?

  4. YukioTheExorcist says:

    I know how he does it, it’s not easy to do at all because of timing and there’s no way I could attempt it, but basically it’s very very tiny glimpse of visual tampering mixed with extremely precise timing. After all the guys not a magician he’s a visualist who works for a magic and illusions company

  5. Wayne Stop motion says:

    Magicans alway hide what are they doing. Like they put their hand on the coin and than it dissapiers, but he didn't hide coins at the end. That's why I like it

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