Magician CONFUSES Penn & Teller With This SHOCKING Card Trick!

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  1. Azero Ace says:

    I like how he asks can i turn around now and she nods like hes turned around he cant see you nodding lol


    Magic revealed here guys notice at 3:39 he says ''sorry,in the other pocket then he placed the card in his pocket" you are welcome ( it was about misdirection) the card was palmed

  3. Thomas Lomax says:

    The cards are already altenately reversed. How is this the hardest move in card manipulation? Looks like the easiet move in audience manpulation.

  4. Mike says:

    2:36 as Walter puts his card back into the deck, you can see some finger movement underneath the deck, likely taking it out as soon as he puts it in. He's probably got it stashed in his jacket until he "reaches" into his back pocket. 2:19 seems like he has a finger on her card when she puts it back in the deck, although not sure how he is able to stash it before Walter shuffles it.. 3:41 seems like an obvious stash of Stacy's card into his breast pocket.

  5. enilenis says:

    Notice that the magician instructs the woman to extract the card gently with 2 fingers. Remember, in magic nothing's by accident. That's the slip up. He is worried she might apply too much tension and rip it off. And at 4:50 you can hear the sound of velcro, as he rebuttons the pocket. Pen and Teller wouldn't have head it on stage, but unfortunately for us, the velcro was abit too close to the microphone and the sound gave it away. So many tricks on this show are ruined by bad angles or editing.
    The rest of the trick is plain and simple. All he does is find excuses to face the camera with either his left or the right hand. While he does it, the other hand goes out of view and simply retrieves and deposits items out of 2 sets of pockets. 2 on the inner side of the jacket (where he hid the velcro chest pocket, and same for the pants). The trick is almost entirely symmetrical. Left side, right side, over and over again. All he does is spin around.

  6. Joshua Bibler says:

    When he turns around he hides best pocket.he dos card hide palming tenuiq. I am surprised teller mised simple trick.

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