Magician Gets Judge To Perform His Magic Trick!! | Britian’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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  1. Sasank Sunny says:

    Observe the patterns, he was solving the cube and that too, one handed while nobody was paying attention to the cube

  2. Saad Ali says:

    Rubik cube magic is easy to spot for someone who knows Rubik cube. The cube Alisha mixes up and the one he puts on her hand are different. Pause the video and see when she hands her the cube, notice the face with center green. It has only one green adjacent to center green. He asks her to put her hand and he moves his hand under the table to quickly swap the cube and the cube he places on her hand has different arrangement on green center piece side. Cube is already swapped. With no white piece visible. I know this doesn't explain how he figured out what color Simon is gonna choose but explains half of it.

  3. evilspin says:

    To be honest the cube kind of moves strangely like it’s electronic or magnetized. Not saying that’s what it is but I feel like the cube returns itself or the colors or moves a certain way at the magicians liking

  4. evilspin says:

    Before he asks Alisha to place her hand he does this quick strange reaction with the cube on his right hand while bringing attention to his left and what he’s asking Alisha. Could be the moment he’s doing the trick or switching or whatever

  5. PokYa CongCodei says:

    Why he is so calm?which realm is he from.?Amanda didn’t believe herself can solve the cube.

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