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  1. Maya Indah says:

    That the unic of riana show is horror live not about magic but horror
    About magic she put some like bell ringing and box opened by it self and she climbing with backwards and how paper suddenly in to face doll

  2. David C says:

    You need to watch the replay of the AGT episode not just the clips of her act because the clips are cut off short and don't show the whole performance.

  3. David C says:

    To understand the opening of her in the bag behind the flames, you have to watch the intro video introducing her. It explains where the lookalikes come from as well.

  4. Gray Fox says:

    they interrupted her guess they don want her to win, bunch of morons in agt. you can see the judge coments in a full video too but there is still the cut

  5. wind sutanto says:

    Remember its magic not horror movie, i think riana do the good work, make people want to see the next performance… Thats the magic mades for. Using magic with scenario like movie its amazing. Welcome to The sacred world.

  6. Alter Inside says:

    Dadi rencamg kulo.melu ing dunyoku ..she said
    .with jawa be my friend..join with me in my world.

  7. sandman commeth says:

    She was supposed to reappear next to Mel B. I think that they just want her off the show and it pisses me off.

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