Meteors: Close-Up Magic by MATT CADABRA

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  1. Mundo musical says:

    Hello. I just got the meteors. I find the assembly a little difficult, because it takes a while and the meteors are very fragile. What tape did you use to attach the meteors? because it is imperceptible in the video.☺

  2. Kevin Mc Menamin says:

    Mate, I own this effect also. I think you have found a great timing idea. Simple with very good impact. I think you can do even more with this idea. Go for it if you would like too !! I would like to see what else you can do with it. – Ignore the spite jealousy, & stupidity. Real conversation is not possible by some of the immature loonies who write here. I think you have done this effect a good turn with your interpretation. I'm looking forward to your next effort. Goodonya from Downunder. K.McM Gippsland Australia

  3. Батыр Омаров says:

    молодец коллега хорошо исполнении. браво. из Казахстана.

  4. Brian Sy says:

    LOL! People are like "Please make a tutorial". Whats the point of a tutorial if you dont have the gadget. :D You gotta buy a Meteor by Juan Mayoral because the material is along with the DVD. Just sayin dont be hatin. :)

  5. RG Gameplays says:

    não sei se fui o unico que vi a luz na parede ele refletiu em algo olhem bem o video 

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