Our Toddler Reacts to Magic Trick With Blanket

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  1. andrea rolland says:

    I love how your house is not perfect, makes me feel like I'm a normal person. Thanks for all your video's and sharing your life stories with us! Love this family!!

  2. Drew Laslo says:

    You got her good! lol

    This was bringing back unpleasant feelings/experiences for me… :’(

  3. ellie bird says:

    Awe Cory did an awesome job of turning Atlas' nearly tears into smiles :) Chell was so cute playing the game with Penny running behind too :D love the sound those cicarda make so cool.

  4. Tiffany Davison says:

    This video was so cute! Cell's reaction was priceless! I love watching her with Atlas and how much her vocabulary is growing! :)

  5. Deb Carpenter says:

    Kristen and Cory! I have a feeling using the washer and dryer in the room with Atlas might actually, well, be kind of soothing for him. I mean, he hardly stirred when Chell came romping into the room sounding like a bull in a china shop! Hahaha! I bet you could run the vacuum too, and he'd sleep away! Try it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. XSemperIdem5 says:

    Are those bugs making all that noise outside? Because yikes they're loud. They would drive me crazy.

  7. Cats Soup says:

    Watching Chell put stickers on her face reminded me of when Cory put chocolate on Chell’s face to see if she notices in the mirror. She sure has grown

  8. BlackCat2 says:

    Hawks will take down adult birds too. I have seen it before but sadly too far away to get good shots of it. :( By the time I was close enough the hawks took their dinner and flew away. sigh

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