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  1. GamingLoungeTV says:

    I swear he uses real magic xD that was amazing even after watching it the 3rd time

  2. KellyKSM1974 says:

    On my dad's & my weekly Sunday facetime he mentioned you. He said there's a great magician on America's Got Talent. You have to see this guy. So I watched it. I wanted more…so I went to the Penn & Teller video & watched you again. You're very graceful. What you do is beautiful. The lady was right, it's like watching ballet w/ cards. It's not just slight of hand/magic…it's like watching a captivating dance. I love that you don't speak, but instead have music, your eyes, & your hands speak for you. I look forward to more. :D

  3. TrackpadProductions says:

    Of course you can see how he does it if you slow it down and play it frame by frame. You can catch most of the moves, why is that surprising? That's how it goes for every magician. It's about performance, and he nails every single move.

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