PETER WARDELL – Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year 2009

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  1. bRad Nichols says:

    Hi Peter ! I LOVE your Magic. Please take a moment and notice that my "Emoji" is our friend "Daryl" shaking my hand ! ! !
    Please don't DIE Peter ! ! !

  2. Nico Haupt says:

    the first cups and balls routine i watched till the end (ok, at least the last 10 years). awesome routine and perfect comedy. a pleasure to watch!

  3. beatz04 says:

    Only magicians could vote this to be trophy-worthy. I mean, starting with his very (unwillingly) awkward entrance – note his strange, almost commanding way of welcoming the audience and the audience reaction -, the strange mouth licking thing, his "comedy" style that doesn't fit his appearance, his patter not only sounding rehearsed but way too fast, the noticable underlying nervousness, and the unnecessary car race speed with which he goes through c&b. There is only the conclusion all the jury has voted on was technical skill and a few novelties with some of the moves in C&B. But i found it rather irritating, clearly his performance style is not suiting his real persona and i didn't find it to be very entertaining, sorry. Really, think about your stage persona – you wanna come across as the witty guy but it doesn't look natural with you. You come across as someone who wants to be funny but is way too nervous to make it look natural. Either try to go half the speed or better yet, find a different persona that better matches your real life personality. And either way, learn about rhythm, pace, pauses and delivery. Also about plausability and reasoning. Your little story about what your daughter said "this morning" doesn't sound credible at all. Either change the pace and delivery of it or change it to "told me once" or "two weeks ago". Your pace is so in a hurry that your daughter telling you the magic wand thing coincidentally just "this morning" doesn't sound real. It sounds fake and cliche. Would be a totally different thing if your delivery was way more casual, slow paced because then you could present that bit almost like an afterthought, hence make it more believable. You really should study Louis C.K. for instance and how his timing works. There's even an analysis of his technique here on YT that breaks it down to the last bit.

  4. Noah Carver says:

    Honestly, I have seen "cleaner" cups and balls routines (no I cant do better, wish i could), but only by a little.
    That said this guy is super entertaining and thats what it's about with the cups and balls, everyone knows how it works, all the way down to the orange (or in this case the tomato, nice twist) It's how hard you laugh.
    also this guy could throw my eyes where ever he wanted, it took a couple of tries to actually see one of them. Great diversions, well done!

  5. Modern Illusionist says:

    I saying "not impressed" multiple times in your show occurs, something is wrong. If gasps don't happen with every single effect, something is wrong. When the only audible response you hear is from corny jokes, something is wrong. If the audience only claps because they know that's the point they are supposed to clap, something is wrong.

  6. Raykow0w says:

    hey been awhile since I really found a magic performance that is so funny and enjoyable to watch! good job man!

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