‘Phenomenal’ kid magician wows in Durham

DURHAM — Even with a broken finger, kid magician Phoenix Phenomenal performed sleight of hand and card tricks to perfection at a packed AMVETS hall Sunday evening.  He took traditional card tricks and made them fun with his quirky humor, bringing in props and volunteers to pick cards, and he managed to surprise the audience with the correct card every time.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” he said at the start of a trick. “But my mom got me this glass card from a voodoo shop in New Orleans.”

He shows everyone the card and asks an audience member for some assistance.

From a regular deck of playing cards, he asks her to pick a card, memorize it, and put it back in the deck.

The woman put the card back in the deck and Phoenix shuffled them up. He spread the deck on the table and handed the voodoo card to the woman, asking her to roll it over the playing cards.

She did until it got stuck on one section. The card it landed on? The one she picked at the beginning.

“Ooh, ghosts,” he said.

Maine-born Phoenix, 12, a resident of northern Nevada, is a member of the Society of American Magicians and the High Sierra Magic Circle.

He puts on a monthly full-length show in Reno and gives private performances all across the U.S. He has been practicing his craft for over four years and performing on stage even longer.

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