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  1. Dalmatinac3 says:

    are these people all drunk or on drugs that everything seems funny and they laugh out loud when in fact its really not that funny. blah

  2. MrScottev says:

    I love this shit. I know how he does most of his tricks but for a lot I can't see the move, even when looking for them, his hands are fast and natural and his whole act is brilliant.

  3. James says:

    Wow. I unfortunately know too much but this man has mad skills. I can tell everything but won't. Too many people that can enjoy this for a life time.

  4. Toobula says:

    I like the method of "say stop" with the cards facing the audience. It allows you to SEE the pinky break, and it's STILL good.

  5. BrianBell4073 says:

    Guys – If you take your eyes off the cleavage for long enough you will maybe see a guy doing card tricks. :-)

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