Ricky Jay – Amazing Card Trick/Manipulation

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  1. GigaDrain900 Playstation says:

    if you studied the fan, it was not set up in any way. how the hell could he shuffle it into position like that?!

  2. ZJim1 says:

    I've seen several videos and documentaries on Ricky Jay, he's just an amazing performer. The man would spend hours practicing his craft in front of mirrors to watch every angle and move. His precision in card handling is such that if you named any number of cards, he could cut that exact number of cards from the deck for you.

  3. David Rogers says:

    If those are blind shuffles at the beginning of the video that's amazing and someone should link the method. At the end he uses Zarrow shuffles. Ricky Jay can obviously do push through shuffles but the shuffles in the beginning do not appear to be that, as both hands square the deck. If they are push throughs then the jog must be towards Ricky's body as the deck hand is not concealing anything. Instead it looks like video of standard table riffles is played then a cut to Ricky with a deck in factory order.

  4. j bra says:

    It is correct watch it at .25 speed, from 31 seconds to 32 seconds his left arm makes an impossible jump, so it is 100% edited at some point…what happens between edits….Idk

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