SCARIEST MAGIC TRICK! Creepy Girl Freaks Out Asia’s Got Talent Judges

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  1. Korean pop corn says:

    I know what she did in the instax camera one . Its a double exposion or however its called ive tried this xD

  2. ms. will always love my life says:

    For those of you who were wondering, her name is Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani.    Born July 13 1992.     Marie Graharani have always been interested in magic, obviously her father was a magician.      (  Apparently, she maintains the creepy look, even when she is NOT performing  ! ! ! !  ).       Marie admires David Copperfield, another great magician.    Now, although I am a fan of magicians, I strongly believe that they are under the power of Satan.     Just saying / just my observation.

  3. Isak Hurton says:

    Хуйня полная, как вообще кого то могло это испугать

  4. Tamara Ball says:

    She is so good. Riana is very talented and i love her name. She is very clever coming up with these magic tricks i also like when she took the photo of the judge and then found out someone was in her picture this could not of been fake because she would of needed a picture of the judge she could not have got it from the internet because it is in the right spot where the judge is sitting because they change seats most of the time and she was in it too. Plus the key was moving and i don't know how she did that she is sooo creepy SHE IS AMAZING!! Riana is very clever. I have also seen the video where she had a doll house and she put some toys in there and the they were all messed up and before she put the toys in you could see that when she opened the box up there was no hole in the back plus no one would be behind there because you would see them and there would be no room to hide so i am very sure that this girl is born with magical skills she should be very proud of herself. And also the bit where she made someone come out of the box was freaky and the chalk board so veryy creppy you should go check it out and again a GREAT VIDEO LOVE YOU!!!!!!! :)

  5. MarchofSaints Christianson says:

    I used to think magic tricks were cool… Now their just lame. Especially when you can figure out every one.

    1: Slightly wiggle your hand while sloping it down, heavy key rolls over.
    2: Superimpose image on Polaroid film in the dark before taking a picture, image appears in next picture you take.
    3: Every card in that "old" deck (old looking) was the same card.

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