Shin Lim: Incredible Magician Stuns With Card Magic – America’s Got Talent 2018

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  1. Romulo Chu says:

    He was better on “Fool Us.” I can see most of the sleight of hand used on this performance but I know to look for so I suppose that could be it.

    Edit: I will elaborate. On his return to Penn and Teller, after his injury, he claimed there was a 40% chance he wouldn’t fool them due to a mess up. See then his almost career ending injury was much fresher, so the fact that he came on to this show long after his initial injury and doesn’t pull it off as well makes the trick less impressive to me.

  2. irawan irawan says:

    Common magician just count on music background. Unclear implementation of first objective of AGT show.

  3. darkside says:

    I doubt it why he always use the black one on the table. Mybe sometimes u need change the color its boring i see

  4. Aaron mann says:

    And also I feel sorry if you don't obviously see him drop the card in the table that last time.

  5. Thomas Pulaski says:

    AGT is all about finding that one UNIQUE great act worthy of a show in Las Vegas and Shin in my opinion is that act! I wish AGT didn't have singers. In case you didn't realize there are an abundance of singing competitions on TV. I'd rather spend $100+ for a Vegas ticket to watch/see Shin Lim. Just my opinion.

  6. Kay C says:

    There are some idiots try to reveal and guess with theories 60% of the act, but still can’t do it, this is what we call skill! Honestly as an experience magician, there is still 10% of it that completely fool me, u son of a btttch shin! Stop embarrassing me!!!

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