Shin Lim Proves Magic Is Real With Unbelievable Card Tricks – America’s Got Talent 2018

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  1. Paul Ho says:

    Ok, those cards are super thin and stacked on top of each other or he comes from Hogwarts.

  2. Hoodyv YouTube says:

    hope shin dose the dream act. sad they have to cut out the best of 52 shade . the sync on the music is amazing .

  3. Travis Lawrence says:

    AGT must be struggling. This guy is a professional musician with some of the best hands in the world, and he’s been around for awhile! It’s kind of like Adele trying out for X-factor.

  4. Joseph Celeste says:

    I think what makes Shim Lim a great magician is that he doesn't need to cover up his vanishing tricks , he just does it right in front of us. That trick when he made the two kings vanish just blew my mind!

  5. Péter Horváth says:

    I wonder if anyone noticed that the ace of spades was on table in the opposite direction at 2:162:17. (it was facing Shin, but before and after that it was facing Olivia) Anyways it was a great act from Shin as always.

  6. Craig Gray says:

    I have seen a lot of good magic acts on AGT but he's is a level above them. Truly amazing! Great tricks and presentation. Can't wait to see what he does next! How does he top this?!

  7. Arne Worlund says:

    My dudes. The back of the cards were black so he simply put them down on the table so they blended in and made it seem like they disappeared

  8. Mike mike says:

    It is soooo obvious what he did and how he did it, it's called Hogwarts people, hello…lol

  9. Imcha Shilu says:

    How can a mind blowing act like that not get the Golden buzzer… But hats off to shin ….

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