Slydini helicopter card trick tutorial

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  1. foleys playing cards says:

    It's just to teach people the basics. You all can fine tune it and perfect it all in your own way. I know it's not even perfect no need to say.

  2. César Saballos says:

    The true value here is you realized it by yourself. In my case, I couldn´t ever figure it out how to do it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. DrNawMai says:

    around 4:00 REALLY poorly executed 「obvious」palm from under table and drop. sorry but that performance was of the quality of an uncle entertaining his nieces and nephews.

  4. Robert Cordova says:

    This is an amazing trick invented by an amazing magician. You have challenged yourself to learn it to figure it out and with practice you will be able to one day do it as well as the inventor. You are brave for showing how it's done thank to you this amazing trick will live on as others lean it and maybe improve on it. And by keeping this trick alive your keeping Slydini's name and magic alive so thank you for doing so. And don't listen to those who dis agree with what you have done. Keep practicing it and give it the respect it deserves. Peace..

  5. tom k says:

    Tony Slydini was one of my teachers back in NYC!!! It was an ABSOLUTE HONOR to study with him! You sir need to practice all of your slights much more before performing any trick for the public! I am happy you realize it is a great effect but wish you could have met Tony! He had a line he would tell people when they did an effect poorly or thought they were better than they were! He would look into your eyes and say "YOU SHOW THIS……TO PEOPLE"??? LOL! He said it half jokingly and with a kind heart! NO DISRESPECT MEANT! You DID say "IM STILL PLAYING WITH IT"….ETC! Good….please do and film your updated one! Explaining an effect IS NOT the same as PERFORMING the effect for……PEOPLE!!! Start by learning a Basic Pressure Fan or Index Fan…then watch your angles on everything you do! WE ALL NEED TO PRACTICE DAILY! Tony Slydini practiced almost everyday……"ON PEOPLE"!!!! We speak RESPECTFULLY about TONY SLYDINI because he was a GRANDMASTER OF MAGIC! ONE OF THE GREATEST THAT EVER LIVED!!!

  6. The Christian Cowboy says:

    You can't find a tutorial on Youtube because all real magicians respect him enough not to give it away. You are wrong for doing this. You know how to do it, ok great. Its a lot harder to perform the trick then to let everyone know the secret. You should take down this video and put one up with you just performing it.

  7. foleys playing cards says:

    Hi if you Look in my comments you will see a person called D. Angelo Ferri and he has a link in he's comments to the ebook. Hes a very close student to slydini also iv been told he will be making a dvd on this trick in the future. I don't teach this properly as iv learnt from watching the videos on YouTube. But by far the book will help. I have 2 books but D. Angelo Ferri is the best so far with better images.

  8. P.C Drummer Boy says:

    Hi.. I stumbled on your tutorial video on the helicopter card trick after watching slydini perform it and I noticed on the comments that you got the e-book on how it's actually done.. could you tell me where I can download this e-book please? I would really appreciate it.. thanks.

  9. Laurent says:

    When these master revealed to us the secrets of their many years of hard work, they entrusted us to keep these secrets safe from the public. It is our duty to respect their wishes, to respect them. Please, have respect and don’t expose.

  10. D. Angelo Ferri says:

    No disrespect … your technique is your technique, but it is not what my teacher did. To build a house we need a foundation, in this case your foundation is the principles of Slydini's integrated system of Misdirection. It is as if your are painting for the first time and are trying to recreate a master piece, when you do not understand how to mix colors. Again, sincerely, mean no disrespect to your effort.

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