Smoothini: Bar Magician Flies Through Amazing Tricks – America’s Got Talent 2014

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  1. Alejandro Pérez says:

    OMG I´m so impressed Smoothini, theres no way this can happed, well done!!!
    I love the trick with salt and the snapple, also the carts, well the whole act.

  2. Emiliano Leyva says:

    Oh amazing this is great, i try really hard how you do that and i can't guess It :(.
    Nice job, hope to see more videos of you

  3. Membalas komen ku Kau Anak Haram says:

    if ypu really want to know the real secret. watch at 1.14. the judge face explain everything. clueless

  4. R aze says:

    Lol I understand everything from this trick lol, from my Criss angel magic kit xD,

    1st trick: when he splits the deck in half he plams away a little cut and uses his other had for distribution and make it so he coughed out cards

    2nd trick he has the card palmed behind his hand

    3rd trick he uses a fake thumb look closely and you'll see xD

  5. Ahmad Al-Fatly says:

    Everyone saying you figured out or that they are easy tricks , the point is he performed them amazingly and 99% of people missed it first time

  6. i AM says:

    He did an amazing job out there.
    For those of you who want to know about the tricks; I'll explain them because they are actually simple.
    (Ofc its fake, thats why its called magic.)

    1. When he coughed out the cards
    EXP : He hid the half deck of the cards while talking just right before he did the act. Pay attention to his left arm.

    2. When he kept dropping cards out of nowhere (from his hand)
    EXP : He just had it behind his hands. Play it in slow-mo.

    3. When he moved the red ball to Mal's hand
    EXP : The ball is really soft; which allows him to keep it in his hand without letting others see it by covering it. Before he put the red ball in his hand first, he didn't actually put the ball in his hand, he hid it in his right hand. When he gave the other ball to Mal, he basically gave two balls to Mal in the first place.

    4. When he teleported salt and tea to other hand
    EXP : Watch his thumb carefully. He has a fake thumb that is stuck onto his thumb that allows him to put whatever he wants in it.

    5. Puts the pen in his nose
    EXP : Just requires a fast movement and lots of practice. Also hid it in his hand.

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