Snap Change Card Trick Tutorial // VISUALLY change a card

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  1. 52Kards says:

    The Snap Change is one of the, if not the most visual color change out there. Popularized by David Blaine in his Street Magic TV special, it has now become a staple sleight of hand technique for card magicians world wide. It does have some angle issues, but when performed in the right environment it can create a moment of pure magic. Enjoy this one, it's a gem.

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  2. EmmyDIY says:

    Helped a lot! Posted my finished result on my Musically! @taylor__swift.1989
    (Two underscores)

  3. Theme Master says:

    I'm a softcore magician, so this trick is painful for me to practise as it's so robotic. I wish I could just learn it like in the Matrix. That shit would be cool.

  4. Alexplayzz says:

    I sat a whole day doing this slowly and every day faster and I finally learned it now the clean up

  5. Andy Turba says:

    Learning how to actually snap the card didn't take me so long, but man oh man combining the snap + flick + some words, that's another level!! Brains on fire

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