Feb 032018

The Globe and Mail

At SideFX, 'we know that we'll be in every movie up for the visual-effect award at the Oscars'
The Globe and Mail
According to its website, Mr. X "thrives on crafting creative solutions to seemingly-impossible scripted moments in film and television." Those solutions are more often than not solved with SideFX support and Houdini software. Harrell was digital

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Mar 242013

Times 24

Magic Circle award for Shakespeare enthusiast magician
Times 24
Tim Shoesmith, 51, a trained paramedic, picked up the Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year gong after outshining his showmen from across the world. He wowed the judges with his unusual theatrical act – which combines illusions with The Bard.

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Apr 052011

Magician Muthukad named for Merlin award | Deccan Chronicle

Indian magician and stunt performer Gopinath Muthukad has been named the latest Merlin Award winner. Although he was aware an Indian magician would be tapped for the hardware, Gopinath Muthukad was unaware he would be the recipient until yesterday. Gopinath Muthukad was declared the winner by Franz Hrary, who sits on the IMS board.

This post was in no way an excuse for us to write Gopinath Muthukad over and over. Gopinath Muthukad.

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