Francis Lawrence Left ‘Survivor,’ His Futuristic ‘Sgt. Rock’ Won’t Be … – Film School Rejects

Francis Lawrence Left 'Survivor,' His Futuristic 'Sgt. Rock' Won't Be
Film School Rejects
The recently-discussed Houdini project may be next, as long as Sony gives the greenlight. As of right now, Lawrence is “unofficially” prepping the film. “We're not in the official prep yet, and we're kind of in the research phase. Most of the movie

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HOUDINI (2013) – Movie Preview – Obsessed With Film

HOUDINI (2013) – Movie Preview
Obsessed With Film
Voices of the Dead – A movie that will team Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini as a dysfunctional crime-fighting duo, one which believes in the spiritualism and one who strives to debunk it! Announced in February 2011.
Scott Frank Scripting Francis Lawrence's Houdini MovieBleeding Cool News
No Escaping New Houdini FilmUGO
Francis Lawrence's 'Houdini' Nabs ScreenwriterThe Film Stage
Indie Wire (blog) – –Hollywood Reporter
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Smoke Dragon Dominates New Poster For Chinese Magic Film

First poster of _The Great Magician_ released -

This was totally not on our radar until we saw it on today. Since the poster is in English, we are guessing the film will at least have some kind of distribution outside of China. The poster was debuted this week at the Cannes film festival, the film itself is currently in production.

Either way, it’s a pretty interesting looking poster.

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Animated film has nostalgic flavor – Omaha World-Herald

Kansas City Star

Animated film has nostalgic flavor
Omaha World-Herald
This bittersweet tale of a music-hall magician who has outlived the popularity of his profession and the young waif who believes in him is brimming with
The Illusionist (L'illusionniste)Washington Post
The IllusionistMetro Weekly
'The Illusionist' is filled with magic | 3 starsKansas City Star
Lincoln Journal Star –Washington Examiner –Diamondback Online
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2010 In Memoriam: A farewell to those in film and TV who we’ve lost this year – Examiner

Each year it seems we lose far too many of the men and women who have brought us happiness and entertainment via the movies and television shows that they’ve starred in, directed, produced or worked on. In 2010, we’ve yet again lost so many wonderful …
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Summit sets fourth film in ‘Step Up’ franchise – Variety

Robson won two Emmys for pieces he choreographed for Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” He also choreographed for Cirque du Soleil and Criss Angel’s “Believe” at the Las Vegas Luxor. “The ‘Step Up’ movies have been an important part of Summit’s history …
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