Jibrizy, the millennial magician and hip-hop illusionist

Jibrizy Taylor is a hip-hop illusionist and magician. The Chicago native discovered magic by watching David Blaine when he was 8 years old, and that was a life-changing moment for the magician-to-be.

He began to fuel his dream by learning tricks, watching the greats. He then started posting videos to Youtube showing off his skills, and that’s when things started to take off. He became the youngest winner of the CW Television Network’s show “Penn & Teller Fool Us.”

Today, Jibrizy has amassed 182,000 followers on Instagram.  He dropped by rolling out studios to talk about his craft and how he has become a social media sensation.

What drew you to magic as a career?

I don’t really feel like I chose it, I feel like it chose me. I would die if I couldn’t do magic. … I love it that much. You cannot pull me out of the realm of what I like to do. I’m that dedicated. Read more

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