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The Globe and Mail

At SideFX, 'we know that we'll be in every movie up for the visual-effect award at the Oscars'
The Globe and Mail
According to its website, Mr. X "thrives on crafting creative solutions to seemingly-impossible scripted moments in film and television." Those solutions are more often than not solved with SideFX support and Houdini software. Harrell was digital

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Jan 242017


Escape Artist Harry Houdini Was an Ingenious Inventor, He Just Didn't Want Anybody to Know
According to Silverman, Houdini tried to take credit for building a real robot for the film, describing it as “a figure controlled by the Solinoid system, which is similar to the aerial torpedoes.” To modern eyes, this claim is absurd. The “robot” is

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May 142016

Rotten Tomatoes

7 Things You Should Know About Houdini & Doyle
Rotten Tomatoes
… constable (played by Rebecca Liddiard). Rotten Tomatoes visited the Houdini & Doyle set when the show came to Toronto to film the season's final two episodes, where we sat down with Weston, Mangan and Liddiard to talk about the historic partnership.
Building The World Of Houdini & DoyleBleeding Cool News
Houdini & Doyle premieres at the History Museum at the CastleFox11online.com
'Houdini & Doyle,' 'Penny Dreadful,' 'Grace and Frankie' and 'NCIS' top this week's TV must-seesToronto Sun
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Mar 152014


Jonathan Creek quiz: Do you know your Maddie from your magician? Test your
Jonathan Creek quiz: Do you know your Maddie from your magician? Test your knowledge with our trivia. Mar 14, 2014 16:16; By Claire Hodgson. Share; Share; Tweet; +1; Email. Which game show is Alan Davies a regular on and who did Anthony Stewart 

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Jul 102011

The Prestige – Not That Exciting When You Know How It's Done
Movies I Didn’t Get
No one in the audience knows this, of course, until Alfred ties a knot too tight one night and Julia drowns in a 400-gallon water tank, the same one used by Harry Houdini in his legendary Chinese Water Torture act. Alfred is shunned, and he leaves to

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